Cyber thieves getting more sophisticated – Bangor Daily News

Cyber thieves getting more sophisticated – Bangor Daily News.

…If all of this sounds like ground we’ve covered previously in this column, it is. The troubling news is the cyber thieves’ increasing sophistication; They’re making their e-mails look and sound more professional. They’re using more deceptive cyber tricks to make you think they’re legitimate.

One common misdirect may show up in a link the thieves ask you to click. It looks as though it will take you to PayPal’s website, but not so. If you were to fill in all the requested data, clicking the link would send it to the thieves’ den.

Right-clicking on the message before reading it reveals the coding and shows that the e-mail came from “ppal,” not PayPal. Our e-mail message (which has been around the world over the last several months) urges the reader to consult the “help” section of the real PayPal website. Nice touch.

PayPal is a favorite shield the thieves use because of its popularity and success.

PayPal publishes information warning customers about such phishing schemes.

For advice on this and other cyber scams, you may want to visit It contains tips on dealing with suspicious e-mail and many types of Internet hoaxes.


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