Superintendent Announces Opportunity for Consumers to Receive Payment for Unpaid Medical Bills and a Refund of Premiums in Insurance Scam

Superintendent warns:  “Don’t miss the deadline”

Augusta, Maine – Insurance Superintendent Mila Kofman announced Friday that consumers who have unpaid medical bills or have paid premiums to American Trade Association or any of their affiliates may be able to get some relief.  The deadline for filing with the Tennessee court appointed Liquidator is August 31, 2010.

“It is important for consumers to know that they have a small window of opportunity to get some or all of the money owed to them,” said Kofman.  “We want to make sure that Mainers are not forced to deplete their savings or even file for bankruptcy because they have been victims of this scam.”

Under an order from the Chancery Court of Davidson County, Tennessee, all ATA members who have unpaid medical bills or who have paid premiums can fill out a proof of claim form to recover all or a portion of funds owed.  The filing deadline for the proof of claim submission is August 31, 2010, on or before 4:30 p.m. Central Time.

Questions about the proof of claim can be directed to Special Deputy Liquidator Paul Eggers at  More information about Tennessee’s liquidation of ATA’s assets is available at or by calling 800-591-6764.

Kofman issued a cease and desist order last month against ATA and its affiliates, which are not licensed to sell insurance in Maine.  The order prohibits them from continuing illegal activities in Maine and orders them to pay outstanding medical bills, premium refunds, and $1,161,500 in civil penalties.

“Consumers be warned,” Kofman added, “ATA and its affiliates have told enrolled people that they have new health insurance coverage with Best Benefits Association, Healthcare America, or other entities and will receive new insurance cards.”

“The bottom line is that none of these entities are real insurance companies,” Kofman said.  “Scammers use this ploy to continue to try to take advantage of consumers by luring consumers into believing that they have real coverage.”

For further assistance, Maine consumers should contact the Maine Bureau of Insurance by phone at (207) 624-8475 or toll-free at 800-300-5000 and ask for Kelly Rogers.  They can also contact the Bureau by e-mail at and include ATA in the subject line; or by mail: ATA Consumer Assistance, Maine Bureau of Insurance, 34 State House Station, Augusta ME 04333-0034.

The Bureau of Insurance is part of the Department of Professional and Financial Regulation which encourages sound ethical business practices through high quality, impartial and efficient regulation of insurers, financial institutions, creditors, investment providers, and numerous professions and occupations for the purpose of protecting the citizens of Maine. Consumers can reach the Bureau through its website at; by calling 800-300-5000 in state; or by writing to Bureau of Insurance, 34 State House Station, Augusta ME 04333.



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