New Online Service to Inform and Protect Maine Investors

Background Information About Investment Advisers Now Just a Click Away

GARDINER, MAINE  —  Maine Securities Administrator Judith Shaw announced on Tuesday that a new service of the Investment Adviser Public Disclosure (IAPD) website will allow investors to electronically access information about individuals who work for money management, financial planning and other investment advisory firms.  This new online feature will provide useful  information on investment adviser representatives—the individuals who provide investment advice to clients.

Administrator Shaw explained that the service will enable Maine investors to access information on more than 220,000 individual investment professionals nationwide, including background information such as customer complaints, criminal or regulatory disclosures, professional qualifications, and employment history.

“Maine investors, and those thinking about making an initial investment, should take advantage of this new resource,” Shaw commented.  “Consumers are always encouraged to ‘check before you invest’, and this new online tool makes the process quicker and more convenient.  It represents another step forward in the effort to protect investors.”

The information provided on IAPD for both investment advisory firms and individuals comes from documents filed electronically with state securities administrators or the Securities and Exchange Commission.  The registration documents provide information about each adviser’s business, advisory services and fees and also disclose any disciplinary problems an adviser or its employees may have had during the last 10 years.

The IAPD website,, is available free of charge.  In making the announcement, Shaw also urged investors to contact the Maine Office of Securities directly whenever questions or concerns arise.  The Office can be reached toll-free at 1-877-624-8551 or online at

The Office of Securities is part of Maine’s Department of Professional and Financial Regulation, which encourages sound ethical business practices through the regulation of insurers, financial institutions, creditors, investment providers, and numerous professions and occupations, including real estate professionals, for the purpose of protecting the citizens of Maine. Consumers can learn more about the Department online at or the Office of Securities at To check on an investment or those offering an investment, call the Office of Securities toll free at 1-877-624-8551.


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