Financial plans key to enjoying retirement – Bangor Daily News

Financial plans key to enjoying retirement

Smart consumers are those who plan their purchases; the really smart ones plan all the way to retirement and beyond. The sad truth is that many of us don’t know how well prepared we are (or are not) to deal with general living costs, medical costs and uninsured expenses that can crop up when we least expect.

To get a handle on all this, we urge consumers to take a serious look at their finances and ask themselves some tough questions: How well prepared am I to retire? Can I retire when I want to? Will my resources be enough to meet my needs?

For do-it-yourselfers, a simple worksheet may give you the answers you need. Choose To Save is a national program promoting financial security. It promotes financial planning and offers consumers several handy tools to plan their strategy.

At its website, Choose to Save, you will find a planning worksheet called Ballpark E$timate. You can use the interactive version, or print out a worksheet and keep your information offline, whichever meets your comfort level. We like the worksheet approach since it helps you ask yourself the right questions while giving you a look at the bottom line.


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