Homework a must for smart consumers – Bangor Daily News

Homework a must for smart consumers – Bangor Daily News.

…Around this time of year, we suggest that consumers look at continuing education classes. These offerings cover a range of topics to help your dollars go further. They have the added benefit of letting you meet others who have similar interests; classroom discussion might touch on ways of doing things the curriculum may have missed.

There are multiple sources of ongoing learning, and we can’t cover all of them in this limited space. We’ll suggest a few places to start and — as always — urge you to do your own exploring and learning.

Adult education classes are offered in many communities around the state. Courses cover almost any topic you can name, from stretching food dollars to starting a business. Personal growth and enrichment courses are offered as well. You can start searching nearby course offerings through the Maine Adult Education Association, www.maineadulted.org.


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