Department of Professional and Financial Regulation Issues Consumer Alert on Door-to-Door Repairs and Selling of Merchandise

AUGUSTA, MAINE  –  Following reports to police departments of unsettling encounters with door-to-door salespersons by residents in several southern Maine communities, Maine’s Department of Professional and Financial Regulation is urging consumers to use caution when purchasing merchandise or home repair services from individuals who arrive at the door.

Commissioner Anne L. Head reminds consumers to check the license status of any door-to-door seller of products or services, and to report concerns or possible violations of law to local police officials and to the Attorney General’s Office.  Door-to-door sellers are typically required to be licensed through the Office of Licensing and Registration at the Department of Professional and Financial Regulation.  Home repair contractors soliciting business outside their home municipality and transient merchandise sellers without a permanent Maine address must be licensed.

“Maine consumers should be cautious when making purchases or signing up for services from someone unknown to them,” Commissioner Head commented.  “While many legitimate companies exist, home repair and door-to-door selling scams continue to occur.  We should all be well-informed when purchasing products or agreeing to repairs from individuals who show up at our door.”

The Office of Licensing and Registration’s Transient Sellers Program and the Door-to-Door Home Repair Seller Program maintain license status information and make it available to the public.  They also compile and make available a history of disciplinary actions taken against licensees.  These licensing programs can be contacted by telephone at 207-624-8624 or online at

The Office of Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division can be reached by calling 800-436-2131.  Information about a variety of financial fraud and scams is available on the Attorney General’s website at

Unlicensed door-to-door sellers can obtain information about become licensed by visiting


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