SCAM ALERT from Bangor Police Department

Once again, scammers are trying to rip off innocent citizens, specifically a Finson Road resident, over the weekend.

On Friday afternoon, Bangor Police Officer John Robinson received a complaint of the possible fraud. Officer Robinson reported that a resident received a letter in the mail stating that she had won $95,000.00 dollars. A check was issued in the envelope for $3,650.00 which was listed as a “deduction” from her total winnings. The letter went on to say that she owed $2,850.00 in owed taxes from the winnings and that she could call a number to receive her winnings and to make arrangements to pay for the tax debt owed. She did NOT comply with the letter.

The letter was from Tricom Incorporation Hamilton, Ontario, with a contact name and claim number.

If you receive any similar mailings or are ever asked to participate in activity similar to this, please do not EVER comply. No lotteries randomly send checks to people, so throw them in the trash, try to verify the company, or call police if you’re not sure before taking any action you might regret later.




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