Pay-as-you-throw ClickBack — Bangor Daily News

12/13/10 02:42 pm  Updated: 12/13/10 04:46 pm

Brewer is joining a long list of Maine communities that require residents to pay for the trash they dispose of at the municipal facility. People often object to paying for the “privilege” of dumping their trash, believing such a service should be covered by their property tax bill. Decades ago in many Maine communities, trash was dumped in a municipal landfill, which meant the municipality incurred little in the way of cost. Now, trash must be trucked to an incinerator or special landfill, at a cost.

The argument in favor of requiring payment is that it shifts the cost to users; those who produce more trash pay more. It also is believed to spur people to recycle, because that reduces their trash costs.

Still, the fee is a new cost for living in the community. Do you think charging for trash disposal is good government?


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