IRS no longer mailing tax packages

Tax Package Mailing to End Following Growth of e-File

Business and individual taxpayers will no longer receive paper tax packages in the mail from the IRS. Tax packages contained the forms, schedules and instructions for filing a paper tax return. The IRS is taking this step because of the continued growth in electronic filing as well as to help reduce costs. 

In early October, the IRS sent a postcard (Notice 1400-A, Notice 1400-J or Notice 1400-E) to businesses that normally receive their tax forms and publications from the IRS. Most businesses receive their tax products from a tax professional or tax software. The postcard explains how to get the tax forms and instructions needed to file future returns.

The information lists the forms and publications that will no longer be mailed:

  • Package 1065, the Return of Partnership Income Package; Package 1120, the U.S. Corporation Income Tax Package; and Package 1120S, the S Corporation Income Tax Package. The forms, schedules and related instructions previously included in these packages will continue to be available separately, both electronically and in print.
  • Publication 393, Federal Employment Tax Forms Information, will also not be mailed. The IRS encourages businesses to electronically file Forms W-2 even when filing fewer than 250 forms. The benefits for filing electronically are that:
  • Since most returns for split-interest trust filers are prepared using computers, the IRS will no longer mail Publication 5227, the Split-Interest Trust Information Return.

For any of the products listed above, businesses may go to after January 10, 2011, and click on Forms and Publications, or go directly to and follow the directions for getting forms and instructions.

“Tax Package Mailing to End Following Growth of E-File.” Internal Revenue Service. 12 Nov. 2010. Web. 16 Jan. 2011. <,,id=228152,00.html>. 

By Mail: You can call 1-800-TAX-FORM (800-829-3676) Monday through Friday 7:00 am to 10:00 pm local time – except Alaska and Hawaii which follow Pacific time – to order current year forms, instructions and publications as well as prior year forms and instructions by mail. You will receive your order by mail, usually within 10 days.

Forms may be available at local libraries and post offices. Or visit Bangor Area Internal Revenue Office: 324 Harlow St., Bangor, Maine


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