Consumers should be aware of legislative proposals

Environment needs our vigilance

Kid-Safe Products Act not as secure as one would think.

L.D. 1129, H.P. 841
An Act To Provide the Department of Environmental Protection with Regulatory Flexibility Regarding the Listing of Priority Chemicals. (Presented by Representative HAMPER of Oxford)


This bill makes a number of changes to the priority chemical program, including:

1. Amending the Maine Administrative Procedure Act to require that the Legislature receive notification through the regulatory agenda process of any proposals to regulate chemicals pursuant to the Maine Revised Statutes, Title 38, chapter 16D before rulemaking may be initiated;

2. Providing the Department of Environmental Protection with a process by which it can respond to developments in science to remove the designation of and de-list a chemical that is ultimately found to not pose a risk to human health;

3. Designating rules adopted by the Department of Environmental Protection that designate chemicals of high concern as priority chemicals to be major substantive rules;

4. Establishing de minimus levels of chemical concentrations in children’s products;

5. Establishing clear exposure criteria for designation of priority chemicals;

6. Removing the presumptions regarding safer alternatives to a priority chemical;

7. Reducing regulatory duplication with other state or federal programs; and

8. Increasing from 10 to 45 days the amount of time a manufacturer or distributor of a product offered for sale in violation of the priority chemical requirements has to provide evidence that the product is not in violation or notify persons who sell the product.

Status In Committee Referred to Committee on Environment and Natural Resources on Mar 15, 2011.
Latest Committee Action: WORK SESSION, Apr 12, 2011, Tabled
Committee Report: Not Reported Out


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