Q-Ray Bracelet Refunds — $47 to those who filed a claim

The “Gold Deluxe” Q-Ray
Ionized Bracelet

Information on Q-Ray Bracelet Refunds

This site has information for people who received a letter and claim form regarding the FTC’s suit against the marketers of the “Q-Ray Ionized Bracelet.” If you bought the bracelet between January 1, 2000 and June 20, 2003, you may be eligible for a refund as a result of the FTC’s suit . In January 2007, the Court ordered the defendants to turn over assets so that the FTC could provide refunds to people who bought the Q-Ray bracelet.  The court found that the defendants’ claims that the bracelets would provide immediate or significant pain relief were false and deceptive.

The defendants have filed for bankruptcy and consumers will not receive refund checks until the conclusion of bankruptcy proceedings.

The refund program is administered for the FTC by Analytics, Inc. You can check the status of your claim form and refund at https://qtinc.claimtracker.analytics-inc.com/.

If you feel that you should have received a claim form, but did not, please call 1-800-269-0056.

Frequently Asked Questions [PDF]

FMI Press Release 1/7/2008


An administrator working for the Federal Trade Commission is mailing 248,931 refund checks to consumers taken in by false claims for the Q-Ray bracelet.

More than $11.8 million is being returned to people who purchased the Q-Ray bracelet and filed a claim form. Purchasers will receive an average of about $47. Consumers who receive the checks should cash them by mid-June 2011.

The FTC never requires consumers to pay money or provide information before redress checks can be cashed, so consumers should disregard any calls, emails or letters asking them to submit any kind of payment prior to getting their refund.


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