Response to “Subway credit info theft” from Maine Bureau of Consumer Credit Protection

State and federal law protect consumers who are victims of identity theft.

If someone pretending to be you charges purchases to your credit card or debit card account, that’s known as an “unauthorized charge.”

If you notice an unauthorized charge on your account, promptly notify the bank that issued your card, and under law your bank must remove that unauthorized charge from your account. You are not responsible for paying unauthorized charges if you dispute them promptly with your bank.

If you get collection calls for a debt that’s not yours, you should not only dispute that debt but also check your credit reports using the official website, You can look at your reports from Trans Union, Experian and Equifax once a year, free of charge, to see if someone’s been opening accounts on your name.

For help, call the Maine State Bureau of Consumer Credit Protection at 1-800-332-8529 (1-800-DEBT-LAW).

— Will Lund


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