Best Buy Battery Recall – WABI-TV

Russ Van Arsdale  and Wayne Harvey discuss Best Buy battery recall for MacBooks(video).

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced a recall of replacement batteries three weeks ago for MacBook.

The problem with the batteries are the can catch fire while charging. There were 13 reports to Best Buy about batteries catching fire. One of these case resulted in the consumer getting serious burns to their leg.

Batteries involved are 5,100 ATG brand lithium-ion replacement batteries, both black and white. They are marked MC-MBOOK 13B on the label of the black battery, and MC-MBOOK 13W on the label of the white batteries.

These products were sold through and They may also have been shipped to customers through Geek Squad Protection fulfillment at Best Buy from Sept. 2008 through June 2012.

Customers with these batteries should stop using them and contact Best Buy for a replacement Apple brand battery or a $50 best buy gift card.

For more information on this recall you can contact Best Buy by calling 1-888-737-6954 or email them at You can also go online at and click on “Product Recall” at the bottom of the page for more information.


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