Refusing to be a victim – feature from September 5th Today Show

We’ve written many times about scams perpetrated on the vulnerable. Here’s a different approach to  scams.

There are dozens of scammers that prey on the elderly, thinking they will be an easy target. However, one woman in Priest River turned the tables on the scammer and is not falling for what he keeps telling her over the phone.

Ruth O’Leary is an 80-year-old who loves to garden, rescue geese, and take care of her hens. However, she never expected to have to deal with a scammer calling her four or even five times a day.

“Ok James, like I told you, I won’t do anything until I see if the check clears,” said Ruth to the scammer over the phone.

For the past month, Ruth has been receiving calls from a man named James who says she has won $2.5 million dollars. All she has to do to claim it, is to first send him money for the winnings.

“You trust me,” said the scammer over the phone. “Then, you send me the money and then I’ll send you the amount back.”

However, no matter how hard he tries, this con-artist is not pulling a fast one on Ruth.

“I shouldn’t have to be begging you so much sweetheart, this is for your own good,” the scammer said.

Priest River Woman ‘Scams’ A Scammer – Spokane, North Idaho News & Weather


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