Office Of The Public Advocate Releases Free 24-Page Ratewatcher Telecom Guide

Augusta, Maine – The Ratewatcher is back! The new 24-page Ratewatcher Telecom Guide is now online and the printed edition will be mailed to tens of thousands of subscribers this week. “The Ratewatcher makes it easier for Maine consumers to find the best services and latest prices for Internet, telephone, and cell phone services in our State” said Tim Schneider, the State’s new Public Advocate. “Our primary focus is on saving money for Maine consumers and businesses, but the Ratewatcher also tries to make the increasingly complex tangle of retail communications services understandable to the consumer” said Wayne Jortner, Senior Counsel to the Public Advocate. The latest edition is heavily focused on broadband services, reflecting the growing importance of broadband for our State’s economy and in our daily lives.

The services described in the Ratewatcher are used by virtually every household in Maine. “Whether you use plain old telephone service, cellular voice or data service, a prepaid wireless phone, Voice over Internet (VOIP) or any of five types of broadband service, the Ratewatcher provides much information about those services that are available in Maine” said Jortner. The latest issue also reports on several opportunities for affordable connectivity for low-income households, and some newer products such as wireless home phone services and hotspot services.

The 24-page, full-color Ratewatcher Telecom Guide, is available free of charge to all Maine residents. To request a copy, call 287-2445, send an email message to: or write to the Public Advocate at, SHS 112, Augusta, Maine 04333. If you have Internet access, simply click on the pdf version of the Ratewatcher at and print it out in full color. An ADA-compliant online version is also available there.

The Ratewatcher Telecom Guide (PDF)



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