Ratewatcher and JP Morgan Chase and Co. Breach – WABI morning news

Posted Monday, December 9th, 2013 at 8:25 am.

Russ and Joy had a couple of topics to talk about. VIDEO

The first topic Russ talked about is the Ratewatcher Telecom Guide. This guide helps consumers find the best services and latest prices for Internet, telephone, and cell phone service in our state. If you are not one of their subscribers, you can got online to maine.gov/meopa to download and print this years guide for free.

The second topic Russ discussed Monday morning was the JP Morgan Chase and Co. breach. In mid-September. Chase discovered that web servers used by the site for the u-card debit cards had been breached. This breach apparently happened around mid-July. The data that may have been viewed during this breach may have included claimants card numbers, dates of birth, user ID, passwords, and email addresses. The claimants Personal Identifying Numbers (PINs) were not viewed.

The Maine Department of Labor advises claimants to call Chase to find out if they were affected by this breach.

To reach JP Morgan Chase customer service call 1-866-315-1011.

Chase is emailing apologies to those affected and also offering one year of free credit monitoring. The company says that no evidence has been found where any individuals information has been used improperly, but they are asking claimants to watch their accounts and call JP Morgan Chase customer service on the back of their cards, if they see purchases they don’t didn’t authorize.

Russ also mentioned that it is a good idea for anyone to check their credit report by going online at annualcreditreport.com, this is a free credit report service.



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