Here’s how to get help reducing Medicare costs


Posted June 06, 2016, at 7:19 a.m.
The Bangor Daily News performed a real public service in publishing the article headlined, “Not junk mail: This Social Security letter can cut Medicare costs.”

Many of the 2 million seniors who received the letter last month surely were skeptical. Their fraud detectors went off after reading, “you can get help paying your Medicare costs.”

But the letter was legitimate.

Social Security officials sent the letters to seniors telling them they might be eligible for a program called Extra Help. The program can cover up to 75 percent of prescription drug costs.

Other seniors may be eligible for a partial subsidy of drug costs. Still others may qualify for a Medicare Savings Program in the state where they live.

Betty Balderston is the statewide coordinator of Maine Senior Medicare Patrol, a program of Legal Services for the Elderly. She says Area Agencies on Aging generally advise Mainers to apply for Maine’s Medicare Savings Program. If they qualify, Medicare beneficiaries automatically are enrolled in the Part D Extra Help program.

“That way, Mainers not only get help with their prescription drug costs but also help paying for their Part B premium and possibly with co-pays and deductibles (depending upon which Medicare Savings Program they qualify for based upon income and assets),” Balderston said.

People with questions can get help from their Area Agency on Aging. A toll-free call (1-877-ELDERS1 or 1-877-353-3771) will direct seniors to their nearest agency.

Dyan Walsh, executive director of the Eastern Area Agency on Aging or EAAA, told me it’s often difficult for seniors to tell the difference between scams and genuine offers of help. She said the agency has volunteers who can visit seniors who request help in sorting the good mail from the bad.

When people call EAAA, one of the first things they’re asked is whether they might qualify for the Extra Help program. Seniors who may have discarded their letters about the program should not feel embarrassed. Just call your Agency on Aging, and people there will be glad to help.

Many questions can be answered online. Visit and search “extra help.”

The Medicare site ( also has detailed information about the program.

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