In Maine November is Deer Collision Month!


Deer Collision Information (PDF)

From Maine DOT:

Collisions with deer increase in the autumn, peaking in November – during breeding season. But they can happen any time of the year.

What if a Crash is Unavoidable?

If a crash with an animal is imminent, apply the brakes and steer straight. Let up on the brakes just before impact to allow the front of your vehicle to rise slightly and aim to hit the tail end of the animal. This can reduce the risk of the animal striking the windshield area and may increase your chances of missing it. Duck down to protect yourself from windshield debris.

Be aware that wildlife collisions can occur at any time, under almost any circumstances, and anywhere in Maine. Moose have been hit in heavily populated neighborhoods in Portland, Lewiston-Auburn, and Bangor – Maine’s three largest communities.

So, pay attention, stay alert and always remember… safety is no accident!

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Hitting a deer may affect car insurance payments


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