Deal with abuse, phishing, or spoofing in

We asked how to deal with suspicious emails like those from FedEx that were obviously phishing scams.  We often forward them to but wondered if that was the best method. This was the response we received.

Thank you for contacting Support today. I understand your concern when you are having trouble forwarding fraudulent emails that you may be receiving in your account. I will be more than happy to help you with this information.

First, I do want to provide you with information on how to forward an email. You don’t have to open the email message to forward it, first select the message you want to forward, click on the arrow (v) at the right of “Reply All” button and select “Forward”.

Just to clarify, are you receiving an email that is a phishing scam or a fraudulent email that looks to have been sent from your own email address?
We have two ways of handling a phishing scam or an email address that looks to have been sent from your own email address.

1. If you’ve received an email that appears to be a phishing scam, select the email in the inbox, click on Junk from the top menu, and select Phishing from the drop down options. 

Click image for more information

 2. If you have received a spam message that has been sent from your email account, you may be the victim of spoofing. Someone is impersonating you and we ask that you please forward those emails to I do want to let you know that spoofing emails are harmless but I understand that they can be troublesome. Once you have forwarded those messages to they will then be sent to a different department for further investigations. I do want to let you know that department can get busy and it could take them up to 30 days to investigate those emails.



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