Consumer Forum Columns

Consumer Forum is a collaboration of the Bangor Daily News and Northeast CONTACT, Maine’s membership-funded, nonprofit consumer organization. Recent columns are posted in the blog as well.

12-01-15 Even Maine’s attorney general can’t avoid online thieves  — Bangor Daily News

11-24-15 Heating season increases carbon monoxide poisoning risk  — Bangor Daily News

11-17-15 Susan Collins leads Senate push against medication ‘price gouging’ — Bangor Daily News

11-10-15 New federal budget bill unleashes torrent of collection robocalls — Bangor Daily News

11-03-15 New website compares cost, quality of health care in Maine — Bangor Daily News

10-27-15 Hidden costs lurk in delayed interest payment offers — Bangor Daily News

10-20-15 Where to find help in fighting fraud from abroad — Bangor Daily News

10-13-15 Hitting a deer may affect car insurance payments — Bangor Daily News

10-06-15 Feds rev new push for better truck gas mileage — Bangor Daily News

09-21-15 How to find the data deal that best fits your needs — Bangor Daily News

09-14-15 Can’t afford a phone? This program helps you stay connected — Bangor Daily News

09-07-15 Hang up on phone calls that demand payment for utility bills — Bangor Daily News

08-31-15  New food-labeling rules aim to make Americans less fat — Bangor Daily News

08-24-15 Legal questions swirl about off-label use of medications — Bangor Daily News

08-17-15  How to keep track of latest scam tactics — Bangor Daily News

08-10-15  How to keep track of latest scam tactics — Bangor Daily News

08-03-15  Children’s Leukemia Foundation folds amid fraud claims — Bangor Daily News

07-27-15  Feds say LifeLock broke online data security promises — Bangor Daily News

07-20-15  Report: Student loan firms still mistreating military members — Bangor Daily News

07-13-15   Payday loan firm’s departure won’t end predatory lending — Bangor Daily News

07-06-15  Deposit checks electronically? Here are some mobile banking cautions — Bangor Daily News

06-29-15  A few tips for safe, fun fireworks use — Bangor Daily News

06-22-15  How to avoid panic when disaster strikes — Bangor Daily News

06-15-15  Elder abuse costs $2.9 billion each year — Bangor Daily News

06-08-15 Home equity loan payback crunch looms as next housing crisis  — Bangor Daily News

06-01-15  Send flowers, not other people’s credit card numbers — Bangor Daily News

05-28-25  What to do if you think your car qualifies for the massive air bag recall — Bangor Daily News

05-18-15  The perils of not reading terms, conditions — Bangor Daily News

05-11-15   Phony medication call centers target military families — Bangor Daily News

05-04-15  How to be sure that aid gets to Nepal disaster victims — Bangor Daily News

04-27-15  A quick means to looking older — not in a good way — Bangor Daily News

04-20-15  Home repair scam artists grow more devious — Bangor Daily News

04-13-15  Stiffer penalties sought for price tag cheats — Bangor Daily News

04-06-15  Don’t trust credit card companies to teach kids about finances — Bangor Daily News

03-23-15  Credit report concerns involve more than mailings to wrong address — Bangor Daily News

03-16-15  Ignoring vehicle recall notices puts us all at risk — Bangor Daily News

03-09-15  Document prep offer isn’t illegal, but it’s still a scam — Bangor Daily News

03-02-15  There’s no doctor-patient confidentiality on the Internet — Bangor Daily News

02-23-15  Easier to lose money than weight — Bangor Daily News

02-16-15   Reverse mortgages put borrower’s heirs at risk — Bangor Daily News

02-09-15  If Bruce with a foreign accent calls, offers to fix your computer, hang up — Bangor Daily News

02-02-15  Identity thieves try to cash in during tax filing season — Bangor Daily News

01-26-15  Who keeps track of whether financial advisers give good advice? — Bangor Daily News

01-19-15   Consumer watchdog says credit reports for 1 in 4 Mainers are wrong — Bangor Daily News

01-12-15   Teaching young consumers how to invest wisely, complain effectively — Bangor Daily News

01-05-15 The best New Year’s resolution: No new resolutions — Bangor Daily News

12-29-14   Lock away post-holiday clutter without becoming a ‘Storage Wars’ casualty — Bangor Daily News

12-22-14   Fruitcake, ‘Seinfeld’ and old electronics: Is regifting OK? — Bangor Daily News

12-15-14  Deadline to register for 2015 Obamacare coverage looms — Bangor Daily News

12-08-14  Don’t open emails to ‘confirm’ online shopping orders you didn’t make — Bangor Daily News

12-01-14 Your phone company is not your friend when it comes to blocking telemarketers — Bangor Daily News

11-24-14 Phony phone cops bullied US consumers out of millions in bogus debt — Bangor Daily News

11-17-14 Don’t believe these 5 myths about identity theft — Bangor Daily News

11-10-14 How online sales firms such as Amazon, Expedia steer shoppers toward higher-priced options — Bangor Daily News

11-03-14 Lock the door against ‘work at home’ scams that promise big bucks but deliver grief — Bangor Daily News

10-27-14 Had your flu shot yet? What you need to know about this year’s vaccine — Bangor Daily News

10-20-14 Don’t let a vacation getaway become a house of horrors — Bangor Daily News

10-13-14 Don’t let mobile phone providers sock you with hidden fees — Bangor Daily News

10-06-14 Does your investment adviser offer ‘low-hanging fruit’ to cyber criminals? — Bangor Daily News

09-29-14 Variable-rate electricity plans pose high risk of sticker shock — Bangor Daily News

09-22-14 Feds sue for-profit college network of predatory lending, phony career services — Bangor Daily News

09-15-14 ‘Zap Rachel’ and other ways the feds are fighting robocall ripoffs — Bangor Daily News

09-08-14 Consumers should prepare for more data  breaches — Bangor Daily News

09-01-14 Beware of gimmicks to treat concussions — Bangor Daily News

08-25-14 “As seen on TV” firm sued for taking high-pressure sales tactics too far — Bangor Daily News

08-18-14 Don’t plunge into buying a vehicle without a careful check for water damage — Bangor Daily News

08-11-14 Social media rants about bad service could land you in court — Bangor Daily News

08-04-14 Pass It On program helps consumers avoid scammers — Bangor Daily News

07-28-14 Old Town caterer outsmarts scammer — Bangor Daily News

07-21-14 There’s no such thing as a “free” government grant — Bangor Daily News

07-14-14 Military consumers face special challenges  — Bangor Daily News

07-07-14 ‘It’s shiny, it’s round’ — and it can kill your child: Guard against accidental poisoning  — Bangor Daily News

06-30-14 Don’t let your beloved pet become a casualty in the war on ticks, fleas  — Bangor Daily News

06-23-14 Fresh water, batteries — and insurance: Storm preparation includes updating coverage  — Bangor Daily News

06-16-14 Brush up on safe grill care to avoid painful barbecue pitfalls  — Bangor Daily News

06-09-14 It’s a fine line between targeted marketing, cellphone stalking  — Bangor Daily News

06-02-14 No, child, you don’t need it just because the guy on the screen says you do  — Bangor Daily News

05-26-14 The road to quick-fix driveway repairs is paved with bad intentions  — Bangor Daily News

05-19-14 Make smart choices and educate yourselves about student loans  — Bangor Daily News

05-12-14 Despite high national ranking, Maine still must work to help working mothers  — Bangor Daily News

05-05-14 Waste is not a terrible thing to mind: Learn how to get the most out of compost  — Bangor Daily News

04-28-14 To save money, stop flushing the wrong things down the toilet  — Bangor Daily News

04-21-14 Take automotive recall notices seriously  — Bangor Daily News

04-14-14 When a solicitor calls, ask how much of your donation actually goes to charity  — Bangor Daily News

04-07-14 How to avoid scams hiding behind unclaimed property lists  — Bangor Daily News

03-31-14 New Maine tax credit replaces ‘Circuit Breaker’ program  — Bangor Daily News

03-24-14 Fraudulent huckster’s reward: 10 easy payments of one year each  — Bangor Daily News

03-17-14 What you need to know about electricity pricing — Bangor Daily News

03-10-14  Using common sense when you buy will keep your home from plunging ‘under water’ — Bangor Daily News

03-03-14 Be wary of promises that you can get rich by working at home — Bangor Daily News

02-24-14 Do you need water line insurance?  — Bangor Daily News

02-17-14  New state program helps fight elder financial abuse — Bangor Daily News

02-10-14 Vacation essentials: What you need to know when renting a car — Bangor Daily News

02-03-14 Beware the $9.84 credit card scam — Bangor Daily News

01-27-14  When the taxman cometh, make sure he’s really the taxman — Bangor Daily News

01-20-14  Move over for stopped police cruisers: It’s the law — Bangor Daily News

01-13-14  Weight-loss scams prey on the unsuspecting— Bangor Daily News

01-06-14  Houlton police chief wants Maine to make revenge porn criminal — Bangor Daily News

12-30-13  New Year’s tips for consumers — Bangor Daily News

12-23-13  Check your account for irregular activity in wake of the Target credit card breach — Bangor Daily News

12-16-13  JP Morgan Chase data breach may have affected 1,300 Mainers — Bangor Daily News

12-09-13  New Ratewatcher Telecom Guide offers unbiased advice on Maine utilities’ services— Bangor Daily News

11-30-13  ‘Shop small’ on Saturday and give Maine’s small businesses a boost — Bangor Daily News

11-25-13  Jamaican lottery scammers will stop at nothing to get your money — Bangor Daily News

11-18-13  Be wary of charity scams in wake of Typhoon Haiya— Bangor Daily News

11-11-13  On Veterans Day, even veterans need to be wary of scams — Bangor Daily News

11-04-13  For veterans considering college, remember these 8 questions — Bangor Daily News

10-28-13  Malware mischief: Protect yourself from cybercrime — Bangor Daily News

10-21-13  New library service provides free education, job retraining resources — Bangor Daily News

10-14-13  Beware offers of third-party automotive warranties — Bangor Daily News

10-07-13  Don’t be tricked by scammers’ use of social engineering — Bangor Daily News

09-30-13  Obamacare’s implementation provides opportunities for scammers — Bangor Daily News

09-23-13  Beware the door-to-door driveway-paving scams — Bangor Daily News

09-16-13  Recording scam calls a defense against fraud — Bangor Daily News

09-09-13  New twist on old scam — Bangor Daily News

09-02-13  Beware of Affordable Care Act scams — Bangor Daily News

08-26-13  Certegy settlement a warning for credit reporting industry — Bangor Daily News

08-09-13  To combat telemarketers, turn your phone against them— Bangor Daily News

08-12-13 Understanding student loans — Bangor Daily News

08-05-13 As the Waterfront concerts become more popular, don’t be hoodwinked by scammers with fake tickets

07-22-13 How to deal with debt collectors — Bangor Daily News

07-15-13 Wednesday is Military Consumer Protection Day — Bangor Daily News

07-08-13 Apple reimburses parents whose children made in-app purchases — Bangor Daily News

07-01-13 Understanding Lifeline re-enrollment — Bangor Daily News

06-24-13 Preparation the way to prevent swimming injuries, drownings — Bangor Daily News

06-17-13 Scams targeting elderly on the rise — Bangor Daily News

06-10-13 Cereal settlement leaves questions about deceptive marketing practices unanswered — Bangor Daily News

06-13-13 Seniors should be wary of medical alert device scam — Bangor Daily News

06-06-13  — Bangor Daily News

05-27-13 — Bangor Daily News

05-20-13 Don’t take the bait: Avoid phishing scams — Bangor Daily News

05-13-13 Thieves target children as easy victims of identity theft — Bangor Daily News

05-06-13 Free legal help can be a phone call, or library, away — Bangor Daily News

04-29-13 The story of a ‘bad’ check — Bangor Daily News

04-22-13 Case of spying computers sparks privacy concerns — Bangor Daily News

04-15-13 Financial literacy the key to living within your means — Bangor Daily News

04-08-13 Corporate Records Service scam targets, dupes small businesses — Bangor Daily News

04-01-13 Google Maps settlement reveals privacy concerns — Bangor Daily News

03-25-13 Microsoft error call is yet another scam — Bangor Daily News

03-18-13 Technology in libraries improves access to the legal system — Bangor Daily News

03-11-13  Protect yourself against Medicare/Medicaid fraud  — Bangor Daily News

03-04-13 Watch out for the scammers poaching veterans’ pensions — Bangor Daily News

02-25-13 Stay on top of your credit history — Bangor Daily News

02-18-13 To prevent identity theft, guard your Social Security Number — Bangor Daily News

02-11-13 As tax time approaches, be wary of tax scams — Bangor Daily News

02-04-13 Sometimes free advice is the best kind — Bangor Daily News

01-28-13 The dodgy world of commemorative coins — Bangor Daily News

01-21-13 Take care to avoid student aid scams — Bangor Daily News

01-14-13 Get a check from the federal government? Watch out for scams — Bangor Daily News

01-07-13 Research reverse mortgages before applying — it’s the law — Bangor Daily News

12-31-12 Look out for phony charities — Bangor Daily News

12-24-12 Debt settlement firm settles with Maine for six figures — Bangor Daily News

12-17-12 What home and business owners need to know about insurance — Bangor Daily News

12-10-12 Beware of the fake Yellow Pages — Bangor Daily News

12-03-12 Library check-off can help smart consumers — Bangor Daily News

11-26-12 MoneyGram settlement could mean payout for scam victims — Bangor Daily News

11-19-12 Timely orders at holiday time — Bangor Daily News

11-12-12 Prepare for disasters  — Bangor Daily News

11-05-12 Storm Insurance 101: Tips on filing claims for Sandy-related damages   — Bangor Daily News

10-29-12 Beware the 911 scam  — Bangor Daily News

10-22-12 Looking for financial security? Temporary credit cards may be an answer — Bangor Daily News

10-15-12 New guide helps Mainers navigate student loans — Bangor Daily News

10-08-12 State offers help to veterans seeking occupational licensing — Bangor Daily News

10-01-12 New law gives consumers recourse with businesses that don’t honor prepaid heating oil contracts — Bangor Daily News

09-24-12 Up-selling may offer valuable add-ons, but beware — Bangor Daily News

09-17-12 Businesses find value in providing reading glasses for customers — Bangor Daily News

09-10-12 Accident follow-up — Bangor Daily News

09-03-12 Elder Finance Seminars scheduled around Maine — Bangor Daily News

08-20-12 Never leave kids in hot cars — Bangor Daily News

08-13-12  A few simple steps to ensure your food is safe to eat — Bangor Daily News

08-06-12  Top 10 consumer complaints — Bangor Daily News

07-30-12  The dangers of playing with magnets — Bangor Daily News

07-23-12  Swipe fee settlement gives retailers more voice  — Bangor Daily News

07-16-12  Loan modification problems with the wrong company can cost consumers money — Bangor Daily News

07-09-12  Beware of advance fee loan scams using fake Maine addresses — Bangor Daily News

07-02-12  Fireworks safety has many elements, including awareness of who is nearby — Bangor Daily News

06-25-12 Beware of check overpayment scam when selling goods online — Bangor Daily News

06-18-12 Consumers: Watch for fake check scams — Bangor Daily News

06-11-12 What to do when you lose your wallet — Bangor Daily News

06-04-12 Protect yourself from Internet pet scams — Bangor Daily News

05-28-12 Advance fee loan schemes target those who can least afford loss — Bangor Daily News

05-21-12 Ignoring auto recalls at our own peril — Bangor Daily News

05-14-12 Honda lawsuit ruling gives consumers pause — Bangor Daily News

05-07-12 Grandparents and accidental poisonings — Bangor Daily News

04-30-12 Tips for following portable pool safety practices this summer — Bangor Daily News

04-23-12 In-app purchases can rack up a bill quickly — Bangor Daily News

04-16-12 New home heating energy contract protections in place — Bangor Daily News

04-09-12 Helping young people navigate the real world — Bangor Daily News

04-02-12 Ads disguised as news provoke outrage — Bangor Daily News

03-26-12 Beware of scholarship scams — Bangor Daily News

03-19-12 Latest HUD information could help mortgage holders — Bangor Daily News

03-12-12 Decline free service offers — Bangor Daily News

03-05-12 The true price of credit card convenience checks — Bangor Daily News

02-27-12 Dirty dozen tax schemes of 2012 — Bangor Daily News

02-20-12 America Saves Week gets us thinking about our financial future — Bangor Daily News

02-13-12 Are Bumbo child seats safe? — Bangor Daily News

02-06-12 California Honda law suit could be model for other Civic Hybrid Owners — Bangor Daily News

01-30-12 Recent ruling: Suit can be brought against telemarketers in federal court — Bangor Daily News

01-23-12 Identity theft not always worth the cost — Bangor Daily News

01-16-12 Beware of work-at-home scams — Bangor Daily News

01-09-12 Calculators help with financial planning — Bangor Daily News

01-02-12 Chimney cleaning scam earns raspberry — Bangor Daily News

12-26-11 The ins and outs of using gift cards safely — Bangor Daily News

12-19-11 Ten “hacks” you never suspected — Bangor Daily News

12-12-11 Check insurance around the holidays — Bangor Daily News

12-05-11 Health care providers can detect financial abuse  — Bangor Daily News

11-28-11 Protect your credit during holiday shopping — Bangor Daily News

11-21-11 Overpriced smoke alarms aren’t necessary to do the job — Bangor Daily News

11-14-11 Elder financial and investment abuse — Bangor Daily News

11-07-11 Confusion surrounding credit scores — Bangor Daily News

10-31-11 Halloween safety tips from Northeast CONTACT — Bangor Daily News

10-24-11 Oil dependence is a hard habit to break — Bangor Daily News

10-17-11 Looking at oil tanks before failure could save money — Bangor Daily News

10-10-11 A Lesson for consumers of information — Bangor Daily News

10-03-11 Drop-side crib recall update —  Bangor Daily News

09-27-11 The Trickiness of Tracking Children Online – Bangor Daily News

09-20-11 Refund anticipation loans are risky business – Bangor Daily News

09-12-11 ID Theft website launched — Bangor Daily News

09-05-11 Identity theft with a twist — Bangor Daily News

08-22-11 Website merger gives consumers edge — Bangor Daily News

08-15-11 Question extended vehicle warranties offered through mailings — Bangor Daily News

08-08-11  When all else fails, complain — Bangor Daily News

08-01-11 Beware of offers to lower interest rates – Bangor Daily News

07-25-11 With phone-based service, the customer isn’t always right – Bangor Daily News

07-18-11 Buy-back programs for electronics a great deal-for the seller —Bangor Daily News

07-11-11 Drawbacks to TV set-top boxes – Bangor Daily News

07-04-11 The dangers of drop-side cribs  — Bangor Daily News

06-27-11 Avoid cramming of fake phone charges — Bangor Daily News

06-20-11 Consumers: Watch for fake check scams — Bangor Daily News

06-13-11 Investigators looking into unlicensed investment sales   — Bangor Daily News

06-06-11 Thieves raise the bar on ATM theft — Bangor Daily News

05-30-11 Government regulations soon to change — Bangor Daily News

05-23-11 Taking a look at unemployment debit cards — Bangor Daily News

05-16-11  Ethanol and small engines — Bangor Daily News

05-09-11 Youth Financial Literacy – Bangor Daily News

05-02-11 Toro recalls lawn mowers and snow blowers — Bangor Daily News

04-25-11 Manufactured Demand – Bangor Daily News

04-18-11 On Earth Day think globally act locally – Bangor Daily News

04-11-11 Travel insurance worth a hard look – Bangor Daily News

04-04-11 Airline PR seldom covers flight delays – Bangor Daily News

03-28-11 Hidden transaction fees boosting costs for consumers – Bangor Daily News

03-21-11 Wire scams all too common– Bangor Daily News

03-14-11 U.S. Postal Service delivers trust in National Consumer Protection Week — Bangor Daily News

03-07-11 Consumer Protection Week raises awareness of good credit practices — Bangor Daily News

02-28-11 Consumer complaint website available —Bangor Daily News

02-21-11 Data breach a reminder to watch credit, debit cards—Bangor Daily News

02-14-11 Reduce availability of your personal information—Bangor Daily News

02-07-11 Teens should think critically about Internet use —Bangor Daily News

01-31-11 Wanting what’s good for the marketplace — Bangor Daily News

01-24-11 Maine schools can compete, fight hunger – Bangor Daily News.

01-17-11 Report aims to protect consumer privacy online — Bangor Daily News

01-10-11 Reverse mortgage agreements can be complex — Bangor Daily News

01/03/11 Consumer top 10 tips for 2010 reviewed — Bangor Daily News.

12/27/10 Businesses, government work to convert nonbankers — Bangor Daily News.

12/20/10 Fake charities can be a Grinch at holidays – Bangor Daily News.

12/13/10 Brewer trash a case study – Bangor Daily News

12/6/10 Tips for Brewers new Pay-As-You-Throw program – Bangor Daily News

11/29/10 ‘Buyer beware’ of gift cards until next year – Bangor Daily News.

11/15/10 Smart consumers benefit from knowledge of law — Bangor Daily News.

11/08/10 Pass on e-mail offers of ‘free press passes’ – Bangor Daily News.

11/01/10 Resources to help seniors in need – Bangor Daily News.

10/25/10 Teaching students financial literacy – Bangor Daily News.

10/18/10 Be mindful of many types of fraud schemes — Bangor Daily News.

10/11/10 Be aware of several scams aimed at stealing identity — Bangor Daily  News

10/04/10 Personal data request from state ill-advised – Bangor Daily News.

09/27/10 Research companies before buying services – Bangor Daily News.

09/20/10 Volunteers to spread word about energy efficiency – Bangor Daily News.

09/13/10 Homework a must for smart consumers – Bangor Daily News.

09/06/10 Time used preparing for storms well spent – Bangor DailyNews.

08/30/10 Law protects teenage banking – Bangor Daily News

08/16/10 Consumers can get aid now to avoid foreclosure – Bangor Daily News.

08/09/10  If wary of chemicals, make own cleaners-Bangor Daily News

07/26/10  Low-income Mainers get cell phone access — Bangor Daily News

07/19/10 Financial plans key to enjoying retirement — Bangor Daily News.

07/12/10 Magazine renewals often are not a favor — Bangor Daily News.

07/05/10 Reusable shopping bags need monthly bath – Bangor Daily News.

06/28/10 Recall prompts reminder on drop-side crib safety – Bangor Daily News.

06/21/10 Know when to seek help on consumer issues – Bangor Daily News.

06/14/10 Internet offers wealth of advice on finances – Bangor Daily News.

06/07/10  US students failing in financial literacy – Bangor Daily News.

05/31/10 Safety on the road is important this Memorial Day — Bangor Daily News.

05/24/10 Agency focuses on vehicle complaints – Bangor Daily News.

05/17/10 Cyber thieves getting more sophisticated – Bangor Daily News

05/10/10 Polite seniors need to be wary of ‘spoofs’—Bangor Daily News

05/03/10 Ask ‘gypsy pavers’ for contracts, IDs – Bangor Daily News

04/26/10 Stay informed about electronics recycling – Bangor Daily News.

04/19/10 Maine gains Silver Alert option for dementia — Bangor Daily News.

04/12/10 Millions get cards describing lawn mower settlement — Bangor Daily News

04/05/10 Defeat would-be thieves by keeping sharp — Bangor Daily News.

03/29/10 Guards on table saws are there for a reason – Bangor Daily News.

03/22/10 Keep in mind the real cost of refund anticipation loan – Bangor Daily News.

03/15/10 Consumer protection week lessons applicable year-round

03/08/10 When Web “florists in Bangor” lead to Vancouver – Bangor Daily News.

03/01/10  New credit card rules protecting consumers – Bangor Daily News.

02/22/10  State considers bill to license contractors — Bangor Daily News.

02/15/10 Tips to avoid phony e-cards, find real deal – Bangor Daily News.

02/08/10 offers smart help on legal matters – Bangor Daily News.

02/01/10 Hot line helps seniors make smart choices – Bangor Daily News.

01/25/10 Air travel still bumpy, but DOT offers relief – Bangor Daily News.

01/18/10 Return to classes a smart choice, wise investment — Bangor Daily News.

01/11/10 Good time to check your debit, credit bills  — Bangor Daily News.

01/04/10 Foreclosure ‘consultants’ won’t give help you want — Bangor Daily News.

12/28/09  Stay informed when making gifts to charity – Bangor Daily News.

12/21/09 The gift of a pet requires thought, research – Bangor Daily News.

12/14/09 Check the fees, other fine print behind gift cards – Bangor Daily News.

12/07/09 Risk to babies still high after recall of cribs – Bangor Daily News.

11/23/09 Bite-sized facts would improve truth in labeling – Bangor Daily News.

11/16/09 Fraudulent e-mails try to steal info – Bangor Daily News.

11/09/09 Businesses: Be wary of every keystroke – Bangor Daily News.

11/02/09 Fake calls, e-mail from ‘FDIC’ can lead to ID theft – Bangor Daily News.

10/19/09 Cold snap serves as reminder for fire prevention – Bangor Daily News.

10/05/09 Youth no bar to racking up terrible credit – Bangor Daily News.

09/28/09 If it’s an emergency, would you be ready? – Bangor Daily News.

08/31/09 You have rights in dealing with collectors of old debts – Bangor Daily News.

08/24/09 Bite-sized facts would improve truth in labeling – Bangor Daily News.

08/17/09 Top 10 list helps protect buyers – Bangor Daily News.

08/10/09 Some ‘free offers’ come attached to pricey strings – Bangor Daily News.

05/25/09 Wireless nets may draw unwelcome users – Bangor Daily News.

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