Student Resources

The Consumer Federation of America knows that you are the targeted audience for advertisers. They have endorsed an entire free curriculum for schools called FoolProof: developed “to provide straightforward, independent information that really equips young people to deal with the intricacies of the financial system and the consumer marketplace.”

Teen Page CUHQ Learn about the $440 pizza

Northeast CONTACT provides links to resources for you as consumers, workers, and advisors to those less familiar with today’s media.


  • Pine Tree Legal offers free services to low-income children and youth: Kids Legal Aid
  • Identity theft can affect everyone including teens. ITRC (Identity Theft Resource Center) provides Teen Space
  1. One government site for recent recalls from cars to cosmetics and everything in between:  Recent Recalls
Choosing a vehicle:

Protecting your health and safety: Household products database

Stay within the law with Creative Commons Licensing

If you , your parents or your teachers are looking for additional reliable information about personal finance or financial literacy, check Econ-ed-link or CARE (Credit Abuse Resistance Education).


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