Our best advice has always been to educate yourself.  Wise consumers ask questions. We can help by suggesting where to look and who to ask. We can even help with the question.

Over the years many consumers have asked questions similar to these:
What should I know about the Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage?
Maine Health and Human Services Office of Elder Services
Official U.S. Government Site for People with Medicare
How do I know if a charity is worthy of my donation? evaluates 500 charities nationwide profiles 5000 large US charities allows viewing of the tax returns of 350,000 charities
How do I know if a product is subject to recall?
Consumer Product Safety Commission
Are there state or national agencies that can provide a wide range of information?
USA Services: Helping Agencies Serve Citizens
National Consumer League
Federal Citizen Information Center of the U.S. General Services Administration
Consumer Action Website
Maine Online Services
Are work-at-home schemes ever profitable?
Federal Trade Commission and Business Opportunity
Tips for Avoiding Work-At-Home Scams
Is there a place to check the validity of e-mail spam and hoaxes or virus and worm threats?
Virus Hoaxes and Realities
FBI Investigative Programs-Cyber Investigations
Computer and Internet Security Library
What do Maine’s Implied Warranty Laws Provide?
Maine Implied Warranty Laws
What are the safety considerations when shopping on-line? What about on-line auctions?
Federal Trade Commission: Online Shopping and E-Payments
Internet Auctions: A Guide for Buyers and Sellers
My new or used vehicle doesn’t run properly. Do I have any recourse?
Lemon Law
Consumer Rights When Buying a New Car
Consumer Rights When Buying a Used Vehicle
Nat’l Highway Safety Commission Office of Defects Investigation
Is identity theft a risk I should worry about?
This FTC website is a one-stop national resource to learn about the crime of identity theft
DOJ Identity Theft and Fraud
OnGuard Online
Where can I get a free credit report?
Your Access to Free Credit Reports
Maine Consumer Credit Protection
Is there information about home heating and energy conservation?
Consumer Home Heating Rights
Energy Assistance Programs
Do you have any advice when dealing with contractors?
Consumer Rights When Constructing Or Repairing Your Home
Attorney General’s Model Home Construction Or Repair Contract

Additional Maine Consumer Protection information is found in the Consumer Law Guide from the Office of the Maine Attorney General.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Louise Thorndike on October 25, 2011 at 1:55 PM

    I recently advertised a 60″TV on
    Craigs list for sale. (yesterday). I recieved an inquirey if it was still available.
    I answered~yes. I then got an e-mail that said this person was going on vacation, and if I would send him my name, address and phone number; he would instruct his assistant to
    send a check/money order to me and after we cashed it he would make arrangements to have it picked-up. I replyed a money order would do fine. Next thing I know, he wrote and said that he discovered the his assistant sent the wrong amount, and that I should cash it and take out the money owed me and send him back the difference. I have not answered that e-mail yet. I truly feel this is some kind of SCAM. Am I right? What should I do now?


    • This sounds very much like mail fraud. I would alert your postmaster. Chances are good that you will be out not just the money you send but the value of your TV as well.


  2. I have received a letter with an offer to evaluate my Sony ( KDL-40VL130) model but as I accessed the site provided there is no way I can indicate my state ( Puerto Rico).

    Please advise how to proceed. Thank you.


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